The Company
Bang!Comix was founded with intent to publish the best independent adult comic artists on the web and in the professional comic industry. We currently represent and have the exclusive online publication rights to many popular artists such as Ben Dunn, Fred Perry, Justine Blanco and many more.

The Mission
Our primary goal is to bring the work of these diverse artists online. It's our desire to foster a creative and interactive community to promote and share these unique works. Although we occasionally publish printed periodicals and collections, the Bang!Comix website is focused on bringing you new content for online consumption. By supporting the site, you're supporting the creators themselves, which in turn enables them to create new and exclusive projects.

Privacy Policy
The Bang!Comix website is a private membership club. We have a strict policy of never selling or trading the personal information of our members. We value our customer's privacy and use the utmost discretion in protecting them.

At this time, Bang!Comix is not accepting unsolicited submissions for publication. This policy may change as the site expands. Please refer back to this page for updates.

Contacting Us
If you have questions or comments, we're always glad to hear from you! Please email us at bangcomix@gmail.com

All art on bangcomix.com is © 2008 by their respective creators. All other material is © 2008 by Bang Comix unless otherwise stated. Nothing on this site may be reproduced without the express written consent of Bang Comix, except for the purposes of review or promotion.